Dr. Mireles was the first orthodontist in Texas to start and finish treatment utilizing the Wilckodontics system. We started utilizing this technique in 1999. We tell our patients that our goal is to be finished 2 to 4 times faster than conventional treatment. The results have been truly amazing and satisfying.

To quote from the Wilckodontics literature:


Recent scientific advances have enhanced our understanding of healing and bone growth. Although bone is one of the hardest tissues in the body, it is very much alive. Because of its dense nature, bone changes very slowly. These changes in bone are called the “remodeling process.” By performing a minor periodontal procedure, this dense bone is softened, accelerating the remodeling process. It is this process of accelerated bone remodeling that sets the Wilckodontics system apart from conventional orthodontics. This softened supporting bone permits the teeth to move into their new position more quickly. Routine braces and specialized Wilckodontics appliances are still required to move the teeth. Once in position, the teeth are simply held in place while the supporting bone hardens around the teeth. Complete healing of the newly remodeled bone occurs in approximately 8 months. The Wilckodontics technique provides the patient with a beautiful, long-lasting smile, in the shortest time possible.

Now, this technique has been investigated, scrutinized and researched by our scientific community for about 9 years and the documentation has been very positive.

In the past, when patients came in asking if they could start and finish their orthodontic treatment in 8 to 12 months, most of the time the answer was that it would not be possible. Now, if a patient comes in and says that they have a special event (wedding, vacation, prom, graduation, moving out of state, going to college out of town, or any other special event) coming up in their lives that would require that their braces be removed prematurely, there is a chance that we can fulfill that request utilizing the Wilckodontics system.

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